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Friday, February 02, 2007

5 ways to smile

Painted House 52 tagged me for a meme. 5 things that have made me smile this week.

1) My conversation with my Mom this week. In my family therapy class or as we Students like to call it SW851, we are required to do a family genome project, which is just a family tree with layers. Its not just the names and death of family members, but education level, careers, substance history, divorces, you name the thing you don't want to tell your Professor and its required. Anyway, Mom and I are planning me coming home and going through the family "history". The family secrets are already coming out. I found out that my Aunt who I thought was married 6 times, twice to the same man, had in fact lied. Apparently, she didn't want my Grandmother to know she was "living in sin." Mom and I laughed at this together. Not about her lie, but when Mom mentioned it she said, "Mothers are good at making their children feel guilty." I responded, "I hear you on that one." We just started to laugh. Then Mom got quiet suddenly and said, "I'm sorry for making you feel guilty". It just made us laugh harder.

2) The way winter stains the cheeks with a grainy sting of cold. I love the smell of the cold, though not too deep because once the nose hairs freeze it can be painful. Snow, cold, and freezing winds brought a smile to my face this week. Okay, partly because chapped cheeks have a natural grinning factor to them.

3) A coworker turned friend of mine I use to work with emailed me this week to say hello and check in. She heard I did not get my promotion, which was her job, but wanted to remind me that sometimes when we do not get what we want, it is the [universe] making room for better opportunities we cannot see yet. I believe this, but it was nice to be reminded. This person is a good friend and wise sage in my life. My job is currently being restructered and I may have to look elsewhere for employment because of many things I have absolutely no control over. Not a drop. Anyway, her words reminded me that I can let go of the stress and know its okay. I smiled while reading it. I miss working with you, Tan.

4) Coffee. Brewed fresh in the morning with the blanket around me and the newspaper on my lap.

5) Julia Sweeney's CD, Letting Go of God.

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Blogger JourneyThroughLIfe said...

Snap, Crackle and Pop!

I just went on to Renovating's site to say I tagged her for Jane's meme. Only to see you beat me to it.

Then I come on to your site to laugh and let you know, only to see that you tagged me too!! LOL :):)

GG - your list is beautiful. I found myself smiling and feeling all warm and cushy! I particular liked reading about you and Mum. That was so nice. And also about that little smile that appears when someone says something nice and supportive especially when it is about a situation that doesn't seem good at the time.


8:06 PM, February 02, 2007  
Blogger Kamsin said...

Discovering the family secrets sounds like lots of fun! Great list.

10:09 AM, February 03, 2007  
Blogger January said...

Wise words from your coworker! Yes, something better is out there waiting for you. Great meme.

1:38 PM, February 03, 2007  
Blogger Cate said...

GoGo, you truly are a triple threat: not only are you a master storyteller (love all of the things about you and your mom) and inspirational person (excellent outlook about the job), but you also decorate the world with the most beautiful language. Your description of the "grainy sting of cold" on cheeks was spot-on. xo

P.S. I've always wanted to call someone a "triple threat!" Obviously, I have watched too much reality TV like Star Search and that new Grease program.

4:11 PM, February 03, 2007  

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