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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mad Hater Rampage on the Page

How is Spam mail able to send me spam with my own email address?

No, seriously. I got an email from me to me that wanted to let me know that being overweight can be empowering once I bought a fat reducing pill to take care of it. Not only was it SPAM, it was like SPAM slapped me in the face because I’d never tell anyone something like that. Never. How many other people are getting GoGo on a Page anti-fat empowerment crap in their inbox?!

I am sure there is some computer techy answer about the html missing an l and having too much T or something, and I really don’t want to know in the end. I appreciate computer savy people because they get a world I only like to brush lightly with my finger tips. I’ll save delving for a few other worlds I like to hang in.

With that said, the person(s) who came up with the idea of generating junk mail must have been a pretty smart person(s). With that kind of talent, all they could come up with is SPAM!

The whole process is named after reprocessed meat, people!

With this kind of ability, I’d send spam mail that said "Stop the Irag War" not buy Viagra ‘cause it makes your dead willy grow. Maybe I’d write little fortunes for the person like "today you will open email and tomorrow you will do the same", not let you know some inside trade deals that are so Bogus even the CEO of Enron couldn’t pull it off.

Please note, when I capitalize a word, it means you should emphasize that letter while bogus wouldn’t be would BBBO’gus. Just in case you wanted to crack my poor grammar skills. And yes, when I write SPAM all caps, it means you should read it like Emeril Lagasse says BAM. Just so you know.

I know this whole post is a sarcastic rant...I just don’t like that somewhere out there in the world, someone might have just read an email by GoGo that promotes buying a pill to feel empowered about the self. What’s worse, there is nothing I can do about it.

AND, I was really excited to see I had sent myself an email, only to find out I was SPAMED!

Thanks for reading my mad hater rampage on the page. I feel better just getting off my chest.

and yes, I know spam has nothing to do with html...i think. ;O)


Blogger kookiejar said...

"With that kind of talent, all they could come up with is SPAM!"...... ha ha..... good one!!!

5:13 PM, September 02, 2006  
Blogger The dykes next door said...

That is so bizarre! I wonder how that whole thing worked. If you figure it all out, let me know.

1:10 AM, September 09, 2006  

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