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Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm A Little Busy Right Now...

"I'm here", she says as this GoGo staggers to the the key board, tripping over the piles of things she collected in the middle of her home to get rid of now.

Life has been a little busy these days. School starts on Monday, so this week has been packed full of things that needed to get done, books to buy, that lap top bag purchase, hanging out with friends I probably won't get a chance to see until Decemember, wishing my little brother a BIG happy birthday, and the list goes on. I'm loving every minute of it.

At work this week, cause I now work on Thursdays during the day too now, I got promoted. I've been fighting it, actually enjoying once in my life where I don't take a leadership role, only to have stumbled into it...well really the opportunity just kept knocking and I decided it was time to listen. Its a long process at the moment, temporarily working at a higher position until it actually comes open and I can apply for it. Its a union thing. In about two months, I'll be making $3 more an hour and well...more responsibilities to boot. I'm proud of myself. The adult GoGo likes the fact that she is good at her job and enjoys it too AND people see this.

Wednesday was my Brother's birthday and Stonetree's too. Stop by and wish her a Happy Birthday. Anyway, I called my Bo on the phone and we had the best conversation. He's 12 years old and not only has he shot up to a little under my heigth (about 5'10"), but his voice has been changing these past fews months. Its weird to hear him come into the new voice...I never realized how excited I would be for him nor how much I already miss the kid voice. I wanted to devote more to posting about my little brother. Who I guess I shouldn't reference as little anymore, except its my way of distinguishing him from my older brother. He has definetly been a key part of my journey, one I am glad I share with him. He is his own person and watching him grow into the person he is has taught me lessons that are priceless. Not only that, I am the only person in the FAM who is allowed to call him Bo still. Tehe. When I was in 6th grade, I decided to stop being my kid name taking on my full real name. Instead of GoGo with a y on the end, I was Y. What I love about my FAM is they respected that...for a while anyway, still slipping the Y in these days. I decided the moment my Bo asked me to stop calling him that I would. Its a right of passage you know. I asked him recently, "Bo, you want me to call you by your full name?" He said that I could call him Bo, but only me. I asked him why that was, and he said that because it made him happy when I answered the phone with "Hey Bo, what's happening." My heart sings.

Other then that, I am babysitting for some friends this weekend and this too makes me full of joy. I am so honored to be intrusted with the baby. In high school I baby sat for cousins and my Mom's co workers. But something about being intrusted these days with kids just feels like such a compliment...I feel proud of myself...and I totally love playing with kids. I've decided Mommyhood is in my future, so its nice to get the practice in.

Next weekend, I am taking my little Bo, a coworker's kid, and a peer in grad school's kid to the arcade. I wanted to take my little Bo camping, but I have an appointment I can't miss now. But I am going to love playing games with the kids. If I can play my cards right, I will also be taking them to the nature center for a crafty class!

Yeah, that's about it in my world these days.



Blogger Rose of Sharon said...

Congratulations on your promotion! And happy birthday to your friend and your little "Bo"...that is so cute! It's nice to be close to your siblings. I have a brother as well...alas, we are not close. I've always resigned myself to being an "only child" even though I'm not really, I just feel like one! And it is nice to babysit sometimes. Some kids are really fun and it's nice to be able to give them back! ;) Be sure to kick up your heels and have some fun despite being so busy.

10:07 PM, August 25, 2006  

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