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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Day Residue & Waiting on Thyme

Waking up to my coworkers calling me to get my a$$ up, I jumped out of bed and put on my jeans. It looks like I am going commando tonight. When I’m not a half hour early, they know to call me at midnight to get my rear into gear. I love my job.

On the drive here, my brain felt sticky from the dream that was still stuck in my head. It was intense and fun, and I was a little sad that I had to leave it to come to work. I dreamt I was living in a new apartment. I’ve been bouncing the idea of moving lately just to change up the living space. I love my apartment, it’s a great deal, and I have a fireplace, wood floors, and a sunroom. Still I wonder what it would be like to have a new place for my final year in this town. The apartment was Spartan-esque and everything was a rough brown stained wood. Not my choice in living spaces for sure. I was hosting Chastity Bono for the LGBT group I was working for. Chastity was day residue from reading an article about her in Go NYC Magazine. She was staying at my place in the extra bedroom. Wishful thinking. She called to me and I went to check on her. She wanted to know if she could have a glass of water. Suddenly, we were engulfed with water as all the trinkets in the room and the bed sheets floated. I remember thinking I was impressed that my dream was so detailed with the effect of the water. Chastity turned into my old hairstylist who recently moved to the Portland area. Again, day residue. I haven't found a new hairstylist, being a person who is particular about who cuts the hair and was just mourning her loss earlier today because I’ll be going to Festival with a mop on my head instead of something tight. I see a sprig of Thyme floating in the water and point to it, then say as though the water wouldn’t effect me, "Look we have thyme here." Even in my dreams, I can tell a bad joke.

After putting the dream away, I arrive at work and begin to do what I get paid for. Time right now feels like a game of running then walking. My goals tomorrow are to power sleep, then do some last minute shopping, pack up the car and power nap until my 3:30 am rendevous to drive up to Festival lands. I’m like a kid I tell you. This is my Christmas, New Years, and Easter bunny in one week!

Well, that’s about it folks. I won’t be posting until sometime after I get back. I’ll try to post about my experience, but don’t be surprise if I write in abstract. If you come this way while I’m gone, here are some interesting blogs to check out in my stead.

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Some day, I'll know how to link to everyone...until then a random pick!


Blogger twitches said...

Go to and you can link to everyone easily! Thanks for giving me a linky -

And I am super-picky about my hair, too. I kinda hate it because I always feel overly dependent and clingy to my hairstylist when I find a good one. "Please don't ever leave me, I'll be a good girl," that sort of thing.

And I dreamt about food poisoning. Yours was better.

8:00 AM, August 06, 2006  
Anonymous beansprout said...

Enjoy the festival! And congrats on going commando...I do it a ton of $ on undies!! Have a great time and be well!!

10:22 PM, August 06, 2006  
Blogger The dykes next door said...

Thanks for putting us as a link. I am still jealous that you get to go to MWMF! Have a great time! Enjoy yourself! I will look forward to your return so that you can regale us with stories of the Festival.

1:51 AM, August 08, 2006  

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