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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Got a Cup of Coffee?

I went out last night with a friend to the bar – the dyke bar. She called me earlier in the evening to go, and done with roasting in my own sweaty juices from the heat, I thought the air conditioned residence of beer and women sounded fun. Overall I had to a good time, shooting pool and talking. I suck at pool. I don’t mean modest humility can’t play pool, I mean down right suck with no hope of betterment. Still I like to play. I don’t have to win a game to have a good time. Never have. Other then that, I think I may have agreed to become the liaison for the LGBT faculty and staff group on campus. I have no clue why the theme for me and bars this year is political connections and job offers, but there it is.

I’m sitting in my home this morning with no coffee to be found and the smell of camping gear overriding the senses. I have been slowly pulling everything I need out for the week long camping trip, aka Festival! It’s in a big heap by the door right now, ready to get organized. Ah, the smell of camping gear.

Did I say I have no coffee? I won’t die and besides I have that Continuing Learning Group that meets today where all we do is drink coffee and learn. This is my last month facilitating this group. Because I am bound by my MSW Code of Ethics, I can’t really share much here about the group. I will say, I will miss it very much and plan to stay connected with many a person. Even though my internship ended in spring, I continued to work with this group because A) I believe one should volunteer at something when they can and B) this group did not have a facilitator for the summer.

Hmm. I want a cup of java. Well, that’s my life today. My drama – no coffee!


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