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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Breaking It Down

It’s a rainy day. The rain seems to be washing away the funk from the hot days here in the Midwest. I’m glad to have a break from the humidity, but am hoping for a dry break today for a bike ride. I have a momentum happening that I don’t want to trip up. I do have to say, we are luckier then most of the country in regards to the heat wave.

I have decided to break down the goals for the year because it helps me to clarify what I am doing for myself and because organizing the goals are much fun. Here is the first installment.

Goal 1) Focus on School.

With a year under my belt and perspective on all that school entails, I have decided to use the logistical side of my brain to be proactive in organizing for the upcoming year. Kind of self-administered vaccination from chaos. Last year, piles of articles, books, and other tasks to do ate up my home. Projects seemed to constantly overlap themselves and I found myself swimming through my apartment. This year, I am looking ahead! The best way to stay organized is accessorizing. Yes, that’s right, I said accessorizing!

I have put away all the books, articles, and papers from the last turn around in these wonderful storage boxes and have bought more! They are locked and loaded in their location in my small apartment, ready to hold the next massive amounts of crap I collect. I haven’t thought about what happens to them when I move to London…maybe a special day to the recycle center where I toss the stuff in the bins while simultaneously jumping up and down, screaming “Reincarnate you little bast#$%s!”

Of course, I would not be the fashionable girl that I am without also scoring a new bag that is all encompassing for books, notebooks, AND the lap top. Well, I haven’t bought it yet, but before school starts I am buying a bag that can hold what I need and I can carrying with me on my bike without dying from a sudden weight shift when I turn a corner.

I have also narrowed down all the post-it notes I need, markers, and other organizational tools that fit snuggly in a organizer notebook that will fit comfy in my bag…see above paragraph.

I am a geek for school supplies. I think going back to school was just an excuse to buy more pens, anyway. :O).

Finally, which leads into goal #2 where I say “maintain healthy eating habits”, I have begun prep work to cook and freeze meals. I intend to have my freezer pack full of vegetarian soups and entrees that I can take out and nuke. Variety is the keyword here. Its hard to eat healthy when life feels crammed in 24 hours, so its best to just have it ready to go. Also, home cooked food that is healthy and made with love makes me feel good when I’m about to burst into tears because I have 3 papers due, plus a power point presentation, and 10 chapters to read in the same week. There is nothing like warming up a bowl of homemade curried cucumbers with cashews and lentils while in the midst of personal doubt that it can all get it all done!

You might think I exaggerate, but I don't. The above scenario is from last semester.

Woo Hoo for thinking ahead!


Blogger paris parfait said...

That's terrific - and very organised to prepare meals in advance. Good thinking! I should take a page from your book.

9:20 AM, July 27, 2006  
Blogger BendingPeak said...

Good idea of thinking ahead. I am about to start my first real semseter of grad school, and will be taking notes on how to cope! I never thought of a self-administered vaccination from chaos, but it sounds perfect!

7:32 PM, July 27, 2006  

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