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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's All About The Techno: Please Standby

I’ve had a technologically yucky day. My internship office is not set up for internet access or printer access yet. I don’t even have a work computer there, so have become resigned to use my own in the office. This comes with an agreement that if my computer fails at work, it gets fixed and paid for by them. It’s not that the parties involved aren’t helping. This program is getting a lot of support from everyone, but we all are diving into the bureaucracy of working, so things take time. With that said, I have hit my limit of techno complications. I was about to throw out all my ideas and begin to think handwritten everything. The sad thing is, my typing is better then my handwriting and in the bigger scheme I am willing to wait through…going on 24 hours of works worth of waiting to not subject people to my scribble.

There was fun in all this though. I had email access for about 2 minutes where I wrote a friend an email, and then I lost the connection. We were all cheering our success only to form this communal sigh when I lost the connection. I laughed so hard. The beauty in life keeps me going. Eventually this will all be solved and I can move forward with my lit searches, prints, and it all. I won’t lie though, this hold up is frustrating. I find I am scheduling in more time to work out the bugs then doing my job, and all my patience doesn’t take away from the fact that my workload is heavier because of it. It’s times like these when I want to call all the technologically savy folks in my life and ask them to come in and just take care of it. Then buy them dinner.

I came home from the long day and immediately changed my clothes. There is something about putting on a new outfit that changes the energy of the body. I’m wearing college student casual this evening which consists of my favorite pair of corduroy and my university sweatshirt. I have the hood up at the moment ‘cause it makes me feel good. I did a little meditation where I exhaled the wiry frustrations of the day (it was a long exhale), and inhaled the energy I need to do the next to do on my task list, which is study.

I wanted to post about this tag that was in one of my new office drawers. It’s the code sticker and is already peeling. I wanted to write a little story about the life I imagine it will have, maybe peeling off slowly or getting ripped when the drawer closes. I even thought of an ending where its little numbered face was treading the floors of the Hospital on the bottom of a shoe, only to be a mysterious thing peeled off and thrown away at home. It was a cute little story in my head. That’s about all the time I have to write it though. I figure that little sticker deserved a few words, if not a whole story. Apparently my techno problems deserved most of the page tonight. I just think if I write about it, maybe it’ll go a little faster and I’ll be a little closer to taking it off the list….


Blogger paris parfait said...

Hope you get the tech stuff sorted soon! I know how frustrating that is. Cute little story about the sticker.

4:39 PM, September 13, 2006  
Blogger twitches said...

Keep that idea about the tag hanging around in the back of your'll get the time for it eventually!

4:53 PM, September 13, 2006  
Blogger kookiejar said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by and enjoying my work. Feels good to see others loving my effort! :)
Btw couldn't say thanks earlier for posting my 'Bush' on your blog. That was a very sweet gesture! Thank you!

4:31 AM, September 14, 2006  

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