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Monday, June 19, 2006

Play Therapy, Sexual Identity, Weeds, and a Guitar Plucked in 4/4 Time

Listening to the subtle taps on a drum, a guitar plucked in 4/4 time, and the voice telling me he “Had a dream of an orange sky”. Today is a beautiful day. The sweltering heat and humidity squelched by yesterday’s rains, we are left with a dry heat that feels mighty fine. It’s a good day for a bike ride.

I just submitted my paper for the summer class. One more project left, other then readings and weekly discussion submissions, is a final to do next week. If I am lucky, I will continue to do very well in this class. Then two more classes for the summer – two seminars that should be easier then an actual internet class. One of them is an introduction to Play Therapy where I get to play with toys and in a sand box – a two day seminar this weekend. The kid behind the adult in me is very excited to be getting some sand time! I am a little bummed because it is also Pride Weekend here, and I will miss out on two good friends annual Pride Breakfast for the seminar. The other class is 3 Thursdays – an informative seminar on Sexual Identity. Hmm. Not sure what to expect with this one, and am pretty sure there will be no sand boxes to play in.

I’ve been reading blogs this morning, just absorbing everyone’s energy in words. I notice my taste in this blogworld are for those who see themselves as writers, lovers of written words or the random artist who can paint a picture in photo, oils, photoshop, or water color. I collect these pages. I like this about myself. Of course, I have a sentimental heart and prefer those who can swim in their own consciousness…chalk it up to the Cancer in me. Um, that’s the zodiac sign, not..well…you know. I always hate those moments when people ask you your sign…I get to answer “I’m a Cancer, what about you?” There is usually a pause – like the person is trying to decide if a joke would be appropriate……its not. ;-). Um, off tangent.

I am glad for my own words. They disperse and dissipate the feelings that come with school. I appreciate school, but I won’t pretend it isn’t much work. Did I mention I’m not a fan of work? I spend most of my time, nose cornered in books or eyes adhered to the computer screen typing one project or another. All wonderful things, but the only thing I have ever been completely devoted to is writing my story. This page helps me to stay devoted to school too.

A bloggy friend emailed me and said that school seemed to be the priority on this page, and he is right, it is. Though I mix some daily events into the collection, school is the priority these days. I guess I want to thank those who have joined me on this journey, on this page. Your words encourage me and let me know I am a part of something greater – greater then a grade and projects done. This is a weird medium in which I am still learning its boundaries and topography, but I am glad it exists…glad we humans created this space. The fact that so many people trek this way, tells me we have been starving as a species for connection like this. It is not a pop cultural fad, but a key ingredient in all cultures – self-communication.

All right, off I go before I get any sappier. I have to clean my home. This week for my continued learning group I run at the Community Center, we are going Weed pick’en and then everyone is coming to my place to cook them up right. Yes, that’s right. I have a presenter who is going to teach us how to find and cook edible weeds – um, the legal kind. We are spending the morning down by the River Trail that cuts through the heart of this city, then (Swallow Hard) everyone is coming to my place. So, it looks like I need to pick up all my underroos and the piles of articles that line my study area. :O).



Blogger BendingPeak said...

I too collect blogs, and you are one of them. I love to read about how you are dealing with school and life at the same time. Such a wonderful concept, though so hard to actually make work. Good luck with the weeds tonight!

3:44 PM, June 19, 2006  
Blogger Darius said...

School counseling internship??

10:55 AM, June 20, 2006  

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