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Monday, June 12, 2006

My Brain Got a Paper Cut

I’m sitting at the library. I just spent 3 hours researching Gender Identity Disorder(GID) for my summer class. I have this Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Health (DSM-IV) class this summer. I am not a fan of the DSM-IV, but understand that to advocate for clients, I need to know the Mental Health and Managed Care version of the bible. Our final project is an Assessment Paper on one of the disorders. My partner and I picked GID. I picked it because I want to know more about how the mental health field diagnosis and treats Transgender individuals, so I can do it differently! No, so I can advocate for clients who are treated as though they have a disorder. I’ve been hard pressed to find peer-reviewed research articles on the subject that does not look at co morbidity issues or has positive reflections on individuals who are transgender.

Just because a person doesn’t fit into this small color of human identity (Straight, same Gender identified) doesn’t mean they are sick or unhealthy. I just want to moon the world right now and say “You’re missing the spectrum, peeps.” But then, I’d loose the argument, the world too busy looking at my crack then the crack in its logic. Sometimes this field I am going into is so frustrating. But I continue forward, gaining both the information I need and resources to do my best as an advocate…including for individuals who are stuck in a crappy mental health system in general. Blah, Blah, Blah. My typing voice is starting to annoy me today. This research has been frustrating and I want to turn off the heady part of my brain. Though I will admit, I entertained myself with the moon imagery.

I think I am going to stop for now, collect my piles and go home. I want to ride my bike…I haven’t ridden for a few days and today is perfect weather to do so. It’s time to get on the bike and outrace my frustration. :O).

~Pissy Mood, GoGo

or as Snowsparkle might say, I got stuck in some Juniper today. :O).


Blogger BendingPeak said...

I too am taking a class with the DSM-IV-TR and you perfectly summed up a day with it...Brain Paper Cut!

6:26 PM, June 12, 2006  

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