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Thursday, June 08, 2006

I Washed My Hands Before I Typed This

~Written 6/7/06, but Blogger is having a hard time these days. GG~

I have been having a busy week. School, physician appointments, and now I am at my volunteer/paid/old internship at the Community Center right now. I love many things about this place: the people, what we do, the atmosphere, and the fact that someone always makes it a point to put a quote up in the bathroom on a routine basis for those who occupy the space. I am not sure who posted the below one, but I thought I would share. It seems an appropriate lesson for life. When I squatted on the commode (yes, I did say that), my first reaction was “oh, look something to read while I pee.” As I read it, I was reminded that there is something greater then ourselves that speak to us through our daily lives. Though it can be hard to trust, if we let ourselves listen, our journey can be made easier. I put it out here in the world in case someone else needs some material to read while using the loo. :O).

“When life is ‘enough,’ we don’t need any more. What a good feeling it is when our days are enough. The world is enough. We don’t often let that feeling in. It’s a foreign feeling because we tend to live our lives feeling that they are not enough. But we can change that perception. Saying that this is life and I don’t need anything more is a wonderful statement of grace and power. If we don’t need any more, if we don’t need to control everything, we can let life unfold.

We have so much power inside but so little knowledge of how to use it. Real power comes from knowing who we are and our place in the world. When we feel we must accumulate, we have truly forgotten all that we are. We must remember that our power comes from knowing that everything is all right and everyone is unfolding exactly as they are supposed to.”

~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross from Life Lessons~

P.S. I am not enlightened, just happening to be peeing, and found a little truth in the day.


Blogger tara dawn said...

Haha...I love this! Girl, you are awesome. The words are definitely true, and how wonderful to find these words in the midst of peeing...who would ever think???
I hope you are doing well! Keep sharing any insights you encounter on the potty...haha:)

2:21 PM, June 09, 2006  
Blogger paris parfait said...

That's a lovely life's lesson!

3:44 PM, June 09, 2006  

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