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Friday, June 16, 2006

If You Sneeze & Hold It In, You Can Pop Your Brain

Yep, creative block these days. Back to grocery lists and crickets in the head. I guess I am just redirecting my energy to other things then this blog right now, like trying to figure out why clutter roams my home like wildebeests from watering hole to watering hole. I picked the wildebeests image because a friend back in the day pointed out that every animal documentary had a wildebeests in the background. You just couldn't get away from them in documentaries. Watch animal documentaries, you'll at least see a high proportion of wildebeests in them. I feel like I am chasing clutter around my house instead of getting rid of it once and for all. Its driving me crazy these days. I just don’t have enough storage space and closets.

I know, why am I writing about clutter? Is this really the most exciting thing I could share about my life? What about sharing some interesting tid bit about some front page news....but how many times can people read that our Government is ran by [NSA edit]! How about pop culture? Yeah, thanks to some wonderful friends, I have an antenna for the TV now, which means I have 5 instead of 3 channels. My pop culture consists of Roseanne reruns and Ellen. So, how about some deep insights? Hmm. Got nothing. I share when I learn, so its hit or miss depending on the learning curve. Oh, oh! I did learn from a 5-year-old this week that if you sneeze and hold it in, you can pop your brain...she wondered if this was a oversight on G-ds part. It was an interesting conversation to say the least. Kids amaze me.

It looks like its clutter. Below are some interesting blog finds I found this week that might provide something more then cluttered commentary on a page. This IS good writing!

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Any Closer Than This

A Different Point of View

I Found This Poem on a Train


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Thanks for the linkback and the links.

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