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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

2 Projects Down & 1 To Go: A 3 Minute Response

I stood in the middle of my study area in my home this afternoon, an island surrounded by an ocean of articles reading through my final paper for the semester. As a side note, clutter has become confined to this area and really consists of a Chaos Theory version of organization. When I write, I layer my thoughts around me in the form of articles, notes, drafts, and scribbles of ideas. This system allows me to wade through my thought process with everything visible and accessible to the touch. I just love writing...even papers for class.

I looked up from my system and realized I was done. Done! With the paper anyway. What a relief. What a sense of accomplishment. I was so excited, the daunting task of picking up the pieces of my organized madness did not diswayed me from my happiness.

I spent most of the night writing the paper at the Library. It was fun to see so many people there doing the same thing. Met up with a number of people I knew, finally settled down in an area with 2 people I knew to begin. There is nothing as nice as supporting one another through a process. It was nice to settle into the routine of crunch-time pressure.

I also came up with a game to play over email called "Duck, Duck, Goose Tells a Story" We had to work out some quirks, but overall the game was fun. I would recommend playing with 5 or more individuals because as the numbers dwindle, so does the response. I think Sunday Scribble has connected me to my game playing sibling of self, and I think I really like her. Of course, I think this was a process that also included new friends who like to play games! Thanks friends. I will post the rules at a later date as well as that story about the college friend who I came out to.

Well, this was a layed back entry. Not as exciting as they have been, just trust that life is good and I am very excited to be done with my paper! Now off to class where I will turn in the deed.


Anonymous beansprout said...

Congratulations on getting your paper done. You're sense of accomplishment and relief are jumping off the screen. be well.

4:06 PM, April 25, 2006  

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