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Monday, March 06, 2006

Urban Palette: Why There are so Many "I Heart New York" T-shirts!

Flowing. People here flow up and down the sidewalks, mixing with one another down streets and avenues. Sometimes flash floods of bodies crash all around in the subway stairwells, or turbulent rapids bubble down 42nd or Chinatown. The Met stoned steps were this indescribable waterfall of winter coats and hats cascading toward the street. I find myself getting lost in all the undercurrents of movement as bodies swirl around one another without ever really touching. Personal space most definitely decreases here in New York. For about a half a moment I would say sorry when I “touched” someone while waiting in line, then realized no one cares around here. They do care if you say sorry over and over again!

Color and light. The subways are this blend of ding and color folding into one another. Snow and rain stain the tiled floors and walls this grey color, and yet the absolute beauty of murals and “bill notes” permeates the imposing dirt. There are so many shades of color in New York from subway seats to paintings; I can see why artists are drawn here. The lighting spans the spectrum of a cinematographers dream – UV in the subway, the explosion of plasma color in Time Square, dramatic low key lighting at The Fez to natural lighting in the halls of the Met, and I shouldn’t forget all the shadows and light permeating the buildings. My g-d, the sun has such an artist’s palette when rising and setting over New York City.

Digesting. New York has been a great time with wonderful friends. I would love to spend more days just finding all the wonder of this place. I’d like to dare the subway by myself, go back to the Ruby Fruit Bar & Grill one more time just to hear this organist inspire this tiny tiny restaurant of people to sing show tunes one more time. Discover more. Take a taxi. Go to the outer burros. See the Tribeca Film Festival. Hell, live in Tribeca! Alas, my money flow has dwindled and my plane ticket says I need to leave tomorrow. Besides, I miss my home and bed.


Blogger acumamakiki said...

Ahhh......NYC. This is why I had to move there and why I still pine for it 2 years later. Although when we moved I felt done, I didn't see the city this way, or get a thrill like I do now. I needed to move to get that back. When I was there I was edgy and felt cramped by the people pushing, touching, always close.
I'm grateful that we're just 18 miles away and a 30 min. train in.

7:51 AM, March 11, 2006  

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