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Thursday, February 09, 2006

I like the Centerfold of Melons This Year

Beautiful day! The sun is shining, illuminating the snow and I feel like I am walking on light. Life is still ever so busy. I am at my internship finishing up the final touches needed for my workshop this weekend. It’s nice to almost be done with this stage and to have created something that others will benefit from. I am also glad to almost be done, so I can focus on my paper coming due!

While faxing some press releases today, I was looking at a Garden and Seed Catalogue for Spring. In an attempt to alleviate the fact that the Eastside is food insecure (i.e., only has Convenience Stores), the Community Center I volunteer at runs a Farmers Market that takes Food stamps, grow your own food projects, etc. So, we get catalogues for kids and adults to buy seeds from or at least get ideas.

Anyway, I was drooling over the catalogue. The ripe delicious shots of tomatoes; the variety pack of peppers on sale now; the varieties of sunflowers and (Oh!) the Thunbergia! I plant a garden 25x25 at my neighborhood community garden and its time to absorb myself in mapping out what I want to do this year. But, I have a problem. I’m sneaking peeks of the catalogue every chance I get like some dirty old man (or politically correct some person of any age who over objectifies others with his or her gaze). And no, I'm not one to objectify other people...It's not why I'm interested in in you.

My energy grows from many things in my life. Learning. Reading. Listening. Friends. Activism. Music. But the biggest place I get my energy is from creating. Words, drawings, gardens, minor crafty projects, oh and cooking. My belly can’t feel full unless my hands are brewing some new project! I am so looking forward to my garden this year.

And yes, T, your right. Oh, how it smarts when my words can be turned back on me…thank you!


Blogger Virginia Valle said...

I so glad because I read all this words and I feel you are happy and enjoying..Good luck with your garden ;) too

9:14 PM, February 09, 2006  

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