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Monday, January 30, 2006

Type This!

Somewhere between then and now, I became a type A personality. This is NOT my normal behavior, seeing that I am a creature prone to sitting. I like to sit and stare. Sometimes out a window at a squirrel, sometimes at the wall; once upon a cable bill I stared at the tele. Where I look is not as important as simply sitting and doing absolutely nothing! I say if you schedule everyday of your life with “something” to do, particularly tasky crap, then you ARE missing the smell of roses, or in my case the blankness of a stare. Also, there is no point in filling up your days with something to do. Sometimes, I like me best when I have nothing planned. Some of my best stories come from days when I simply decided to get up and that was all I had planned.

With that said, my days are busy. Remember last semester when self-care felt compromised and I started many lines with “I feel tired.” Well, this semester, I feel even busier because every moment is filled up; including scheduled prep time to take care of myself. Today is a perfect example of me as a Type A personality…

8:40 am Get up get dressed and grab my prepped school bag, computer bag, breakfast bag, lunch bag and workout bag.

9:01 am Arrive at my internship (I said I was type A, not a morning person).

9-11 am Work at my internship, returning calls, entering data into the webpage…Turn down yet another call to make after hours.

11am Drive over to turn in a Learning Agreement 30 minutes away, while making various calls to important people for my internship.

11:30 am Get a speeding ticket. I get off the phone to talk to the officer. But the second I drive away I call important person back

Noon I am on campus, making calls as I walk to class…While I am calling one person, I get various calls coming in…

Noon:40 pm In class, I turn off my phone. I am actually relieved I get to learn now!!

3:30 pm listening to various messages.

3:45 pm I actually talk to a friend…I am starved for non-work conversation today...I try not to sound anerexic for silly conversations about nothing important...

4:00 pm Working out at the gym with my phone on my person because I can’t miss a call. I hate this, it violates all I stand for and do to take care of myself, but again I can’t miss the call.

5:30 pm Make more phone calls as I drive home to pick up my books for an evening of studying.

6pm until now Go to Study Group. Read, write notes, reply to emails…

Now…Go home and prep for tomorrow. Damn, and tonight is take out the garbage night too!

Everything is a task people. Sure I do what I can to take care of myself. I schedule things fun…but its all a schedule that I orchestrate. This is a time and place. The time is limited and the place is Grad school. And this summer, I will be back to Type B I am sure…maybe even C.
But it sucks anyway. In the non-complaining kind of way. Excuse me, I have to take this call.


Blogger Virginia Valle said...

hehehehe ;) Call-girl.I dont like phone, I dont use cell phone because I HATE cell phone ;) only my phone house,sometimes people think because you have cell phone, they can call each moment,each seconds arggg....Since I begin to live in England I dont use it.I have only for emergency,but nobody now ;)...
Ohh I enjoy your writing and I understand the routine is awful!! I not sure what type m I,but in this moment you must sleeping ;)..
Take care

What time you look at the blogs ?? :D

5:41 AM, February 02, 2006  

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