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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cars, Classes, Rain and Soaked: Random Commentary

Grey weather here in the Midwest. Rain soaks everything while winter breaths down everyone’s neck. Class day, so I’m very familiar with the rain today. I take the bus to campus and spend the day here…today’s my all day thing, and I won’t get home until after 10pm. Only then do I get to drive my car and go to bed. That’s a weird sentence isn’t it?

These days I wake up and go to bed with the intention of driving. My wonderful, thank god I have one, car is high maintenance. We're not talking about burnt out head light H.M., but the “It’ll work as long as you turn the key ¾ of the way instead of all the way, push the gas 1 ½ times only with a feathered touch and wear your favorite color underwear for luck H.M..” The problem these days is a short somewhere and this means I have to keep up a continuous routine of driving my car in order to have it function the next day. The next day is the same routine, with the same intention – to keep my car going these days. I have an appointment to get it looked at, but not until Friday.

To tell you the truth, with the exception that I am feeding into environmental problems with my gratuitous driving, I like the idea of beginning and ending my days doing just that. At night I drive towards the outskirts of some northern towns. I go about 20 minutes out and exit onto some obscure road and try to get lost.

In the morning, appreciative when the thing actually works, I just go to some western exists I know and drive past some factories that have closed. My circles these days know about but aren’t affected like my family is by the Big factories closing. For me it’s been a theme throughout my growing up years. Shutting down and getting laid-off. It’s the biggest thing in this town, and for some reason I have no connection to the people directly affected…I hear from my family in other towns about so and so or what not who was lucky enough to have saved some money…or not. Its weird to get my information via newspapers here.

Anyway, this is the beginning and end to my day with classes sandwiched in between.

Glad I shared.



Blogger kookiejar said...

thanx for ur comments on my space..... i have been lazy these days!..... ur getting lost while driving is quite a cool idea..... so is the underwear fixation!!

keep writing......

11:32 AM, January 19, 2006  

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