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Sunday, January 01, 2006

It Started as 3 Bookshelves and New Dishes

Tonight on the page…clutter. I spent my day watching season II of the L-word and re-gutting my house for the second time this break. Side note, I did not cook! It started out a simple task. Put away a nice set of dishes, put up a couple of book shelves, and pack up my dishes to donate. Then at some point I turned down a very dark alleyway where I believe there might be no way out. Six and some hours later, I have torn apart my bedroom, thrown out a dresser I never used and packed up a whole $*^% load of clothes that I NEVER wear to add to the donation list.

My living room looks like my bedroom puked up its contents all over it and its giving me a bad taste in my mouth. Okay, that might be the dust I inhaled. I just stopped the DVD that’s been background music for my day and looked around. I have no clue what I am doing, people. One of my goals this break was to reorganize my house, but I had actually done that already. My place looks like it did when I started, except in place of piles of articles, documents, and various other forms of crap on paper it’s now overfilled with boxes and clothes…

I believe where I went wrong was when I decided one of the bookshelves could go into my room. I didn’t really have the room for it, so I thought hey, lets move the cedar chest into the closet. If anyone has ever owned a closet of any significant size, you know once you start cleaning out a closet, it’s like a magician’s hat of more and more stuff forgotten about and packed in. I did not find a rabbit, but I did find a whip I have never used nor have any clue where it came from! I admit, it did make me smile though.

It’s still not done either. At this point I believe I have invested myself with a project of paramount size. I have a week left before school starts. 16 hours of my time is devoted to my internship and the weekend to other adventures. The rest of my time – and this is where I swallow hard – is me eliminating all this clutter…oh and actually getting back to organizing my bookshelves.


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