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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

In the Confessional This Evening

Just finished watching season I of the L-word. I believe there are three categories of people who watch the L-Word, or at least for the humor of this post - 1) The woman who got the promotional card on her car at Festival and set her Tibbo* months in advance, 2) The woman who happened to be at a friends house and got hooked 3) someone like me who complained forever about how the L-Word had nothing to do with real lesbians only to borrow the DVD from a friend b/c everyone was talking about it and reluctantly watched. I still stand by my perception people, but Shane's nice...and Alice is so funny.

I think by episode 5 today, my guilt of wanting to watch waned into "she did not do that". A part of me still wants to resist and say this is me selling out and assimilating, but to what anymore, I don't know. What I do know is, tonight I stopped the DVD in order to make some dinner. As a side note, I made a wonderful dish of tomatoes stuffed with wild rice, mushrooms, corn, cilantro, and queso de blanco with a side of sautéed squash with red onions. I tell you this because as I finished the side dish I cut my thumb up pretty bad. And since I am telling all tonight I will also add that I did it while singing a high note as I closed my eyes for the effect...which one should not do when slicing red onions.

I cleaned myself; let the dishes settle as I nursed my bloody digit with the final episode. My mind set...if I was gonna need stitches then I might want to get the final episode out of the way before I go. Three band-aides later and the unsettling fear that I don't believe one should be able to shoot blood from oneself 6 inches into the air, I realized I would be okay... which meant I could totally focus on Alice, Shane, and the rest of the gang. The rule for getting stitches is the cut is either too deep or too open to heal on its own...

I called my friend for season II; I won't be cooking on that day.


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