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"Power lines, my travlin' partner on this ride. Dripping, pulling - up and down, in this sing song, their lullaby blends with the swaying train. I curl myself into this journey; folding myself up into this pocket of time. Old familiars greet me - that swing set in the back yard, the ruins of an old church covered in new birth and old - mixed with unremembered newness." Journal Entry, October 13, 2005~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~All words are copyrighted by GoGo on a Page/gogoroku.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Put the Lime in the Coconut

I am in the back seat of a car riding home with friends after going to see a friend who moved out of town. My throat is sore and my sore body lies limp as we listen to Chris Pureka and Ani on the way back. It is dark out and I let myself melt into this exhaustion. I am sore from laughing too hard. My body convulsed non-stop for the last 6-hours and is completely spent. My throat is raw from laughing and laughing and laughing some more. This laughter was the kind that took your breath away from shear delirium of happiness. This laughter is me completely caught up in the moment. This laughter is a marathon that takes all of you when it is done. This was a very good day.


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