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Sunday, December 04, 2005

If Only Life Had a Delete Button

I am going to the same school for my master's as I did for undergrad which means I have the same email address from then until now. The problem with this is, I am a notorious email saver. With my various other accounts I have had, I have learned I will save emails until the day I let go of the account and then they are all gone. Which leads me back to the school email account...I began my undergrad in 1994, it is now 2005, people! That is ten years of pack ratin' digital crap. My account is getting seriously close to full and its time to work through the past so to speak.

Some of the excavation has been introspective and fun...I have followed email veins down memory lane, up argument avenues, and through darkened alleyways into lamp lit steets...and come across dead ends more than once.

Much of the stuff kept in files were forwards, though! I have no idea why since they are still not funny. Some were emails from friends, and are getting tossed unless they touch me or I still feel the need to keep them in case of blackmail. (You never know who might become president). Other than that, I really don't need to know that so-and-so saw me in the cafe and wanted to say hi, right? Or that so-another was going home early for the holidays...
All I have to say is...WTF.

So, I have slowly been clicking away at the delete button cleaning away my electronic yesterdays. My lesson in all this? I need to be quicker to delete, asking myself is this something I really want to carry with me.


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