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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Rub ba dub dub, I wish I had a tub

GoGo Quote of the evening:
Dove: Hey you look serious tonight, what's going on?

GoGo: I got a serious case of introspection happening.

Dove: I believe they have a pill for that.

I love my apartment. It is huge, wood floors, and has a fire place...and its cheap. Well, lets just say its a good deal. There are two flaws, one of which I will save until winter when I am sure I will let you know. The one I bring forth tonight is, I do not have a tub. Nope. I have a stand up shower only. Normally, this does not bother me. I am a showering girl, always on the go go, but then there are moment when I desire a bath. Body prostate in a nice layer of warm water, muscles relaxing, back absorbing the heat, and face getting the wonderful effects of the steam coming from the agua.

Lately, this desire has been bumping around in my head. I seriously have been contemplating renting a NICE hotel room, bringing my scrubbing bubbles to wash up the public domain all nice and right, then poring some Pachule bubble bath in and relaxing in heaven....mind you my fantasy even solicits the removal of the shower curtain so there is no chance of it touching me.

I am sure I could ask a friend to use their place, but there is something weird about bringing my bath accessories, including ducky, to score a bath.

Oh, the plight of being me...if this is the worse it gets, I guess I am doing okay.

The bathless,


Anonymous Fur said...

I've always had a thing for clawfoot tubs. The nemesis likes roman tubs so I think we'll have to compromise and go for a garden tub.....I do love my showers so but the bath is best. Plus after the bath comes the after bath nap and the cosying up to a good book.....purrr good thought

12:39 PM, October 22, 2005  

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