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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina has nothing on the Government

I just wanted to pass along this quote from another web page to the random person coming across this page. It is my post today. Please pass along!

"In other news, I know that we can't blame everything on That Man. However, The Daily Kos and AMERICAblog are making a pretty good case for blaming the devistation that Katrina caused on his administration. It seems that money that was needed to protect New Orleans from a hurricane had been spent on the war in Iraq instead. I encourage you to keep this story alive by pointing it out to friends and family. Daily KosAMERICAblog"

From tales from a shrink...

My prayers for all the victims who died because they did not have the funding. My hopes to those who are still living through this natural disaster and national misappropriation.


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