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Friday, November 10, 2006

did someone say O?

Ooh crap, Got busy these last two days, and look I got another tag. I hope I’m not too late.

10 wonderful things that start with O:
October. It’s a good month.
Olive oil, I love cooking and I love using different oils – sunflower, peanut, etc. – but my fave will always be Olive Oil….and lets not forget about Popeye’s gyrlfriend…she’s totally cool.
Oxygen, seeing that most species are addicted to the substance and cannot live without it, I guess it’s a wonderful thing. Especially in those moments after running when the body presses hard for more. The magazine's not so bad either.
Oprah. I just saw this lady on the cover of her own magazine and all I can say is: She micken rocks. I mean come on, her own TV show, zine, AND television network…absolute respect. Not because she is a huge business success, mind you, because through it all she represents growth, love, insight, education, integrity (the real kind), and inspiration.
Onions. Hey, I’m a cook and love the various kinds of onions out there. I’m like that guy in the movie Best in Show, but instead of repeating nuts, I can tell you onions…red onion, white onion, sweet onion, vadallia….
Ooh, used to express amazement or joy. I just love it when in a conversation someone goes, “ooh,” with such sheer surprise, and in particular when more then one person does it at the same time.
Operation game. When the guys nose lights up, I’m all a giggle. Unless it keeps lighting up….oye, I hate it when it keeps lighting up. Its sucks when it keeps lighting up…okay never mind. I’m taking it back.
Oboe. It’s a nice instrument. The delicate sounds, the squeaks, the fact that the cute little duck from Peter and the Wolf was represented by the oboe.
One, the song by U2. It’s a good song.
Orgasm. Of course, I was going to say this one and leave it for last.

Five bad things that start with O:
Oil spills. This includes spills that come from boats, PIPES, cars, trains, and planes.
Obtuse, the word itself. It just reminds me of one time in high school, when folks learned the definition in a math class and then everyone went around saying “You’re so obtuse.” Group think has ruined the word, forever…they were so obtuse. ;)
jell-O Let face it, without the O, its just Jell and that sums up the whole deal. So, here I think the whole problem with jell-o starts with the O b/c it takes away the focus from what we are really eating.
Operation. Though the game is fun, the actual event is not, unless you’re a surgeon. And let’s not forget when the nose keeps lighting up.
Obey. Unless you’re into that kind of thing…who wants to be the one who has to obey anything or anyon. OR be the one to get obeyed. Just not my thing.

Okay, so bug tag someone for P, but if in case it does fly, I’m tagging

P Bending Peak (I just want to see if the puffy dress is on the list)
Q Daring to Write (if anyone can do Q, its you!)
R Ruminating in the Roses (Your name, says it all)
S Two Dykes and their cast of Thousands (Yeah, your it).



Blogger twitches said...

Haha, can't wait to see who gets Z!

3:34 PM, November 10, 2006  
Blogger BendingPeak said...

so fun! just finished the letter P.

3:34 PM, November 10, 2006  
Blogger Rose of Sharon said...

Thanks for tagging me! You made me feel so special! :) Boy, it took me longer than I thought, but I got it done!

My R list

6:58 PM, November 10, 2006  
Blogger Bug said...

Love your words! You and my mom should talk about onions.I swear that woman talks about food more than anyone. And I love that obey is on your bad list. I purposefully deleted it from my wedding vows. I will love my H and certainly cherish him. But obey? I don't think so!

8:55 PM, November 10, 2006  
Blogger Rose of Sharon said...

GoGo, didn't have time earlier to fully comment on your list. I would have to agree on olive oil, onions, Oprah and yes, orgasms! And being obtuse is definitely not a good thing, but I have to say that obtuse is itself a great word! Good job! And thanks for tagging me! :)

10:58 PM, November 10, 2006  
Anonymous beansprout said...

Great list! Lots of fun!

8:42 PM, November 11, 2006  
Blogger GoGo said...

Thanks all. I actually appreciate the word obtuse...though still remember the days it was over used.

Not as an insult though.

6:51 AM, November 12, 2006  
Blogger The dykes next door said...

Thanks for tagging me also...such an honor. I'm working on S, will be finished as soon as possible. I'm just a little obtuse, I guess, and didn't know what being 'tagged' meant. I thought it was like playing phone tag, only on the computer. So...I just started on the S this evening, and will try to finish tomorrow. Thanks!

11:51 PM, November 13, 2006  

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