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Friday, May 19, 2006

Blessings & Complaining in the Minor Key of A

Today, I am grateful for my neighbor who hooked me up to his wireless last week. I am on my own couch writing this and I do not have to leave to go online. This has given me the opportunity to drop a class this morning, search out a Primary Care Physician, and finish some homework online without even getting out of my PJs. How beautiful is that?

The shoulder has saturated my life this week. I can’t leave the house without someone asking me about it. This is normal, and comes from both care and macabre curiosity we all share. I am really done trying to explain it though. I’ve never liked this kind of attention in my life, complete with being in the hospital in 5th grade and coming back to the class throwing me a party. Yet, here I am writing it on the blog…its all I can do this week really.

Someone asked me why I didn’t immediately go to the Doctor’s Office? I did the trying to dance around the question, and got, “You had the bike looked at immediately, why not you?”
Point taken. I’m not going to make the whole thing too dramatic, but it’s true I naturally thought if I could walk and move the arm, its best to wait for something to show up then spend money on a Doc. So, I waited until I couldn’t move the hand without pain to go. This wasn’t how I grew up. In my family, you took care of business as it happened. As I get older though, the less I like to go to doctors. I really was more worried about the prognosis of the bike then my own frame.

I mean, come on, health care today?! Phh. Who wants to do the work of going to a doctor? But, I am in the process today. Thanks to my neighbor who is scoring a thank you card and a free bag of coffee, I searched out a PCP who I might like. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I see her on Monday.

Now, I need to go and problem solve my trip next week where I am expected to lift boxes.

Okay, I am officially done talking about the accident, the shoulder, and the aftermath.


Anonymous T said...

bummer. Only you can find a way to make the worse situation a better one. take care of yourself and get better. I'm still here watching :). In a new city will send info when i can.

miss you.

4:24 PM, May 19, 2006  
Blogger GoGo said...

Hey T. Thanks for your words. You do know how to stroke my ego. Please don't stop! :O).

You take care of you too...especially in the new place. I hope its better than the last one.

Miss you too.

11:54 PM, May 19, 2006  
Blogger JourneyThroughLIfe said...

Hope you get better quickly, GG.

12:15 AM, May 20, 2006  

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