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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Burning Ring of Fire: Burn Burn Burn...

When the snow fell in a minor dust of white, I thought to myself its winter’s final dander falling from the clouds. When the snow fell in moist droplets of whiteness, I thought to myself its winter exfoliating its final layer. When the snow began to fall in clumps, I thought to myself its winter shedding. When I just went outside and watched the snow fall in huge doll-ups of clustered white, I knew she wasn’t anywhere near ready to shed her skin.

It’s another over night shift here in my world. My eyes are burning from the rear side forward. I have been here less than 2 hours and I want to go home. I had to come into work earlier today to get in some hours I needed before midnight only to then proceed to rent and watch movies before I came in. I only slept two hours before I returned, so this is me tired from not doing what I should have done - sleep. I wish I had justification to complain, but I don’t. It would be nice to live in the delusion that I have no control, but in the end, I screwed up and am now going to pay for it. Damn.

Tomorrow I have another field liaison meeting from 1pm until 6pm, so I have to power nap before and after...I call days like this the alpha/Omega strategy. Okay, I just made that up, but from here on out I am going to call days like this the alpha/Omega strategy.

I love sleep. What a beautiful word - sleep. Oh, that moment between consciousness and the dream world where the thoughts half awake meld into ridiculous commentary, conscious thoughts mold into unconscious interpretations. Or that moment when I release and give into sleep like a sinner giving into redemption.

Okay, I think I may have crossed a line with the sleep fantasies.

P.S. Can you guess the movie I watched?
That song is now in my head, except I'm singing burn, burn, burn - these eyes are tired, these eyes are tired...again....crossing a line here.


Anonymous beansprout said...

Ah...sleep...hope you get the power nap you need. I love that you realise that you did this to yourself. I have a friend who says, "people do exactly what they want to do." So...when we do the things that we know aren't going to serve us well the question is why. be well.

9:08 AM, March 25, 2006  
Blogger Laini said...

Hi Gogo! I can completely relate to your proscrastination thoughts in your last post -- but here's the good news: I find procrastination very inspiring! I don't usually procrastinate by doing nothing. Usually I get deeply involved with something creative that is just not what I should be doing right then. But those things have several times become very important in my creative development! So, cheers to procrastination!

4:04 PM, March 25, 2006  
Blogger telfair said...

I can guess the movie...I had the same problem after seeing it.

Except the song / line that kept running through MY head was "we got married in a fever...hotter than a pepper sprout..."

Just because I thought it was funny. :)

12:05 AM, March 31, 2006  
Blogger GoGo said...

It made me laugh too. I'm totally singing that from now on!

12:09 AM, March 31, 2006  

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