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"Power lines, my travlin' partner on this ride. Dripping, pulling - up and down, in this sing song, their lullaby blends with the swaying train. I curl myself into this journey; folding myself up into this pocket of time. Old familiars greet me - that swing set in the back yard, the ruins of an old church covered in new birth and old - mixed with unremembered newness." Journal Entry, October 13, 2005~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~All words are copyrighted by GoGo on a Page/gogoroku.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

spring has sprung

Spring came back with me from North Carolina. Residuals of winter still linger in gritty snow, packed into dismal gray piles allocated against walls and un-trodden fields while everywhere else is a flood of mud and puddles. I watch as all those urban icebergs melt into tiny rivers filling in cracks and forming puddles, only to break the barriers cascading towards the drains waiting to catch all this melting. The last few days have felt….refreshing…that’s a good word for it, though somehow that word makes me feel like a mouthwash commercial.

Having just finished Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel, a 50 cent bookstore find last week, I have begun to read The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto. It’s a short book to read between piles of articles and textbooks. Don’t worry, I am also surprised I can find time to read even more things then I am already am. There’s something about this period in my life where I can’t get enough books to read. I have this pillar of books holding up a plant because I have no clue where else to put them. I suppose my books will be sold off or given away during my summer garage sale before London, though I can barely stand the thought of it all.

Ah, but I’m traveling through my thoughts again. My point to what I was reading is, Masaru Emoto’s book has heightened my appreciation for water. Good thoughts for the whole process of spring I suppose. Well, that’s my life with a few things left out.

Here are some more photos from my trip. I took way too many, so I figure I’d let most of them live here.

Well off I go.

I want to ride my bike. I have a policy project coming due and need to prep for a panel I am on this week, plus my group I run. Spring has sprung and so has all those end of the semester projects.

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Blogger Elspeth said...

I have no idea what the last shot is, but I like it.

6:02 PM, March 13, 2007  
Blogger BendingPeak said...

It almost a picture of a person... maybe even a GoGO?

10:16 PM, March 13, 2007  

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