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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

pulp nonfiction

Thinking of my week as it’s almost done, I wonder what words I’m gonna share. Do I write about the two papers finished? The clutter that spins out of control all around me, as I move from notes to book, book to computer, then back to the notes again. Moving tricky fingers in the chaos to find exactly what I was looking for. It wasn’t until I was done did I realize I had created a spiral of organization unfolding around me. It made sense at the time, anyway.

Do I write about my favorite coffee cup keeping me company as I typed?

I heart U.

Do I write about the squirrel who greeted me when I went to the library?

Having gone out into the day after finishing the papers to print the damn things at the University library, I decided I could stop a minute – the day ever-so beautiful and requiring enjoyment. I sat near the banks of the river and found a friendly pair of squirrels checking me out. One came so close; he touched my finger, sniffing for something good. Docile from generations of students passing along a grain bar, p0p tart, or the casual cracker stuck in a bag, these buggers are all up in your business, when given a chance. I didn’t have a thing for the little one, having checked every crevice of my bag; I was sourly disappointed that I didn’t even have a bag of almonds. Not for the squirrel, at that point I realized I was hungry myself. I spent the rest of my
springtime sit in the sun watching the furry little thing dig up nuts and eat them in front of me. Imagine! Didn’t even share.

Or do I write about the bike trip? I promised this self a daily ride, no matter the deeds to be done. I hiked/biked because the river’s flooded in patches. I carry my bike up hills and over railroad tracks instead of riding the underbelly now flooded by water. Then came across a bridge decaying into rust, or should I say the residuals of a bridge, the road peeling up from cracks in the cement, only the infrastructure remains solid.

Solid Steel, weathered skin a rusted umber. Good ride.

Or perhaps I should write about going to the bookstore to check out a few titles? One clerk was checking to see if they had a particular book for me, while I overheard a conversation between two other clerks. Planning a bike trip across the US, they are looking at a road map. One of them decided to pop quiz the other guy on the State Capitals. I was engrossed.

“What’s that Capitol of Georgia?” I look at his counterpart as he slurs out letters “SSSsaaavvaa…no…Dddduuurrr…”

Durham, I was there recently, but not the capitol. I imagine this five year old kid I know who would probably pop it out.

“Atlanta!” The guy goes on to another State; he pauses to look for a really good one...a stumper State. The clerk waiting on me was watching the duo too. We just kind of stopped and listened engrossed in the whole affair. Then back to the book I was looking for and off I went.

Ah, moments.

Benign stories amongst the busy chatter, life is a layered experience. I do enjoy it.

Excuse me, I have a presentation to work on…


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Blogger JourneyThroughLIfe said...

I so enjoyed reading this. A wonderful journey through your day with photos bringing it all to life. I smiled wonderfully at the squirrel and could imagine myself there watching it eating and not sharing! :) What an amazing experience!

A post that still has me smiling...


3:58 AM, March 29, 2007  
Blogger twitches said...

Love your attention to detail. Reminds me I need to pay more attention to may days, too.

12:56 PM, April 01, 2007  
Blogger MAHIMA said...

love the post!
bumped into your blog by chance. love it. i love your photos. and yes, taking account of little things in the day is always a meaningful experience. :)

3:06 AM, April 05, 2007  

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