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"Power lines, my travlin' partner on this ride. Dripping, pulling - up and down, in this sing song, their lullaby blends with the swaying train. I curl myself into this journey; folding myself up into this pocket of time. Old familiars greet me - that swing set in the back yard, the ruins of an old church covered in new birth and old - mixed with unremembered newness." Journal Entry, October 13, 2005~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~All words are copyrighted by GoGo on a Page/gogoroku.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Evening Quotes, I never want to forget them

These are quotes from random conversations. Imagine two tired folks who are serious when they say these things.

Co-Worker: Lets market a catchup with hot sauce in it...what should we call it?

GoGo: CatchHot, we could then sell its sex appeal.

CW: Whatcha gonna do tomorrow?

GoGo: Besides sleep?

CW: Yeah

GoGo: Sleep some more

GoGo: I used the term "spectrum of beauty" and "this is well-written bull shit" this last week in my conversations...I feel kind of proud of myself.

CW: Yeah, well I used "My whole is so plugged I need a plumber's snake to get regular...I just feel constipated.

These lines were written with permission of my co-worker...who wants to wait for the perfect nickname, so stuck with co-worker.


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