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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the neighborhood

The Farmer's Market

There are three cucumbers in my fridge. I see them first thing in the morning as I open the door to grab the coffee. They lie in this pyramid formation on the 2nd shelf, still waiting for me to do something with them. I pour my cold cup of summer Joe, and start to think about what I can do with them. I’ve started to drink my coffee cold brewed and then cubes of ice in my cup. Good stuff. I’m not really hungry as I drink my cup of summer’s bold richness, sipping it really, savory every sip. Thoughts of eating cukes don’t fit with the rhythm of the morning, but here I am thinking about those 3 cucumbers sitting in my fridge.

I bought them last week at the Farmer’s market in the neighborhood. In the summer’s I try to eat by the season. I buy my food weekly, enough to last until the next market opens. I chop and stir and eat quiet well. By the time I run out, another market day comes and I start the whole process over. I spend less than $20 at the market a week. Right now, the market is rich with fresh picked foods. Zucchini, Squash, tomatoes, egg plant, carrots, radishes, snap peas, basil and thyme. There are yam breads and garlic, onions and cilantro…cucumbers.

The cukes are the residuals of last week’s harvest. I have a dish in mind while I finish my cup. I fill my water bottle with filtered tap water after putting the coffee cup in the sink. I need to do dishes if I am going to make my cucumber curry dish tonight. I am not a fan of washing dishes. I imagine that actually being motivated to a wash a dish as a transcended act, bringing me closer to enlightenment. To be present mind while washing dishes sounds like an ideal thing to learn. What I know about myself is that washing dishes is an impatient act. I want to be done before I’ve even started and have by default let them go a few days. My handylady has commented about how clean my apartment is…except the sink.

What does motivate me to wash the burly mass of too many glasses and pans are those three cucumbers in my fridge. They need to be eaten and I do love the curry dish. It starts out with mustard and cumin seeds snapping in a pan, and then onions and Turmeric. I have 1 tomato left, so I need to buy more at the market today. I’m thinking of using jasmine rice. A nice aroma for the dish. I’ve added a splash of Balsamic and white rice vinegar to the original recipe. It catches in the taste buds, lingering between sauce and rice. Good addition, I think.

I go outside and put out my farmer’s market sign. Invested neighbors place signs out in their front yards to let others know its open today. I’m one of those neighbors. I come back in and make a list of what I might want to eat into next week. I wonder which farmer may sell mushrooms. I need fresh basil for a dish later this week. An onion for sure, are Vidalias ready? I check the fridge, moving the three cucumbers to see if there are any other refugees from last week’s find. I finish my list taking my water bottle placing it beside me and begin washing the dishes with those 3 cukes in mind.

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